Martha Foley Jackson, ’76, ’96G

National Chair for The UNH Fund

“I believe that UNH is a student’s doorway to the wider world. Now UNH needs our help keeping that door open, so I give.” Martha and her husband, Bill ’75, established a UNH endowment in 2004 to fund international study for undergraduates. Their support has made a difference to students across UNH, whose broadened perspective has better prepared them for life.

Jay McSharry '90

Jay McSharry ’90

“I believe in paying it forward, that the success I enjoy today…

Martha Byam

Martha Byam

“I believe that UNH’s discoveries and commitment to changing things…

Maxine Morse, '52H

Maxine Morse, ’52H

“I believe that the support of people like you and me makes it possible for…

Jo Lamprey

Jo Lamprey

“I believe there is no place better equipped than UNH to take on…


Gary Haven Smith

“I believe that higher education makes the world a better place, so I give…